Tile is a highly durable choice for flooring, counters, backsplashes and walls, but its longevity relies on proper grouting to complete the project.


Grout is essential to finishing a tiling project.  

– It creates a crisp finished appearance.

– It adds rigidity and strength to your installation.

– It keeps dirt and debris from getting between or under tiles.  


In selecting grout, you will need to consider the material of your tiles, the location of the project, the experience level of the installer, and the look you hope to create. Generally, grout falls into one of two categories – cement-based or resin.


Cement-based grout is the easiest and most forgiving to install as well as being the most affordable. It comes in both sanded and non-sanded formulas.  It is suitable for most tile projects, especially those that will not see high moisture exposure. Once cured, cement grout requires sealing and should be re-sealed periodically to ensure it remains largely impervious to moisture.  Unsealed grout will absorb water and other liquids – it may show stains or even allow mold and mildew to grow.  Cement grouts are also prone to cracking over time.


Resin grouts are not as easy to work with as cement, and tend to cost more.  They also create a more durable finish.  Resin grouts are mildew and stain resistant.  Once dry, they retain some flexibility so cracking is unlikely even as tile naturally contracts and expands with changing temperatures over time.  They form a tight bond and resist moisture without any sealing required, so they are especially suited to tiling projects that will see a high exposure to moisture such as showers or tub surrounds.  Resin grouts also come in sanded and unsanded varieties and are available in a variety of colors to give you a unique look.


To ensure your project is completed with the right grout for the job, contact the professionals at Floor Zone.  We can give your space the lasting look you want – when installed and maintained properly, tile can last up to 20 years so it is certainly worth investing the time and money to get it right!