Schedule Install For Tops

Schedule Install For Tops
Access to Job Site
Access to Parking
Proper Lighting
Access to Job Site
Verify elevator access is reserved
Running Water
Verify if smoke detectors need to be covered
(note: if we are not cutting on site, we probably are not creating dust to be an issue for smoke detectors)
Verify if sealing natural slabs will have an odor that may bother workers or building occupants
(note: if Quartz no sealer will be applied, if Natural Stone, verify with fabricator before scheduling this install)
Cabinets fully installed and in final resting place
Proper Decking
Proper Decking Support
If No Cabinets, Support Bars For Vanity
Are all sinks on site?
Are any cook tops to be installed on site?
At least one faucet of each type in on site?
Are all holes/cut outs marked?