Are you hesitant to start a home improvement project? – You are not alone!


Covid-19 – 2 years ago it was barely a consideration, but today it has touched every aspect of our individual lives from our daily routines to the products we buy, the plans that we make, and how we use the spaces we live in.  It has also impacted businesses – large and small – in just as many ways. Houston related industries like flooring companies continue to navigate the challenges of decreased production, increasing demand, resource availability, supply chain challenges and  labor shortages.


Decreased Production – At the start of the pandemic, many manufacturers decreased production in preparation for a decrease in demand as people’s lives shifted and lock downs began. It is easy to predict that a looming health crisis will lead consumers to be less inclined to prioritize construction projects or property improvements.  Sales of cleaning products, sanitizers, and protective coverings (and toilet paper) soared along with home electronics and other home entertainment items as people “hunkered down”.  Companies chose to decrease production or were forced to as members of their labor force tested positive and were unable to work.


Increased Demand – The longer people remained home – and life shifted to home-based for work, school, meals and entertainment – the more they began to look at their homes and notice a need for improvement.  Some noticed maintenance and repair needs around their home, others realized that their space wasn’t as functional as they now needed it to be.  They wanted a home office, home learning space for children, a more functional kitchen for meal preparation. Others just longed to change something amid the monotony of occupying those same 4 walls all the time.  As the initial shock of the pandemic subsided and staying home began to feel like a longer term way of life, living with the shortcomings of one’s home felt less sustainable and demand on housing-related industries grew and continues to be high.


Resource Availability and Cost – Ramping up production to meet demand takes time – especially when your workforce is dealing with the realities of a pandemic!  Manufacturing of a final product depends on the acquisition of multiple raw materials. Pandemic related challenges lead to shortages and price increases for many materials and the resulting final products.


Supply chain – Many products require materials from all over the world.  The global market has been challenged as shipping container space has been at a premium, driving prices sky high. And as any other industry – shipping industries have also struggled throughout the pandemic to reliably and quickly transport goods. Manufacturers find themselves facing extended wait times for critical materials coming from overseas.


Labor Shortages – Quarantine orders, lack of childcare, decreased occupancy to allow social distancing, and illness have all led to labor shortages all along the supply chain.  Fewer workers means things do not happen as quickly!


Price Increases – All of these issues result in a delay in manufacturing and an increase in the cost of the final product.  As materials and shipping cost more so then does all that follows down the chain.


Truly, the pandemic has left nothing untouched!    


After so much time at home you may have an increased awareness of things you were once willing and able to overlook! Maybe your walls desperately need a fresh coat of paint, your floors have gaps, scratches, and stains, or you hate that old tile in your kitchen.. Perhaps working from home has you longing for a designated office space where you can be at your most productive. You may be longing to begin a construction project and hesitant to get started given the challenges the industry is facing!


Challenges all along the supply chain have led to an increase in cost of and/or a longer wait time for certain products.  If you are trying to wait it out, however, it is difficult to predict how long these issues will persist.  You should know that some products are more readily available and less impacted by cost increases.  Inflation has hit lower quality, imported goods harder than higher quality, domestically manufactured items – you may get more for your money by choosing a higher end item.  If you are ready for a change in your home it is always true that the sooner you begin the sooner it will be accomplished.  While things may be less certain in some ways, you can rest assured that high quality, professional assistance remains available.  Contact us at Floor Zone and let’s talk about what you would like for your home and how we can make it happen.  Things are looking up when it comes to this global pandemic, and the next phase is on the horizon – it’s a great time to get your home ready!