When determining the right carpet for your space, it is important to consider fiber source.  As you look at your options you will certainly notice both wool and nylon carpets.  Wool carpets are made of natural fibers, while nylon carpets are made of a synthetic (man-made) material.  Both wool and nylon carpets are highly durable, but some spaces or situations are better suited to one over the other.

Wool carpeting is soft, durable, and known for holding its appearance beautifully over time – the stretch and recovery of its natural fibers helps it to resist crushing.  Because wool carpets are made from natural fibers, they are non-allergenic, free of toxins, and inhibit the growth of mites and bacteria. The lanolin in the wool gives them a natural stain resistance as well. They are easy to clean by vacuuming but many chemical cleaners should be avoided in order to preserve the lanolin.  Wool fibers are also naturally flame retardant – not only do they burn slowly, they are often even self-extinguishing.  However, wool is susceptible to fading so it may not be the best choice for a particularly sunny area in your home. Because of its porous nature, wool can absorb moisture in the air which can make it a natural dehumidifier in the home, but it also carries a greater risk of mold and mildew should the carpet become saturated.  Lastly, without insecticide treatment, wool is vulnerable to moths and carpet beetles.  Wool is typically the most expensive option in carpeting – this may be money well spent in the appropriate area – but worth noting as it can cost up to twice as much as nylon carpeting.

Nylon carpets are the most durable of any synthetic carpet and a good option to consider and compare to wool.  Nylon carpeting comes in a seemingly endless variety of colors, textures and styles.  Its construction can accommodate heavy foot traffic and special dyes can make it resistant to fading.  Because nylon is a non-porous material, it is resistant to mold and mildew as well as stains.  Nylon carpet also allows for the option of treatment that increases its stain resistance, and it is able to withstand chemical cleaning products and steam cleaning.  Nylon is a man-made material which allows for many durability enhancing treatments, but it also introduces chemicals into your home.  While nylon carpets tend to be the most expensive of synthetic carpets, they are more budget friendly than wool.

Consider your space, your budget and your preferences to determine whether wool or nylon carpet is right for you.  Contact our professionals with any questions – they can help guide your decision making in fiber source, pile, and installation, ensuring that the carpet you select will work well in your space for many years to come.