When it comes to countertops, granite and quartz are both popular options for a high end look. While you can’t really go wrong with either one, people often feel strongly about which is right for them.  But maybe you haven’t formed an opinion yet? 


Granite countertops are made from 100% natural stone that is mined from quarries worldwide.  The hard stone is cut down to a manageable size and polished for a glassy shine. Because granite is naturally formed, no two pieces are truly alike – typically home owners select the specific piece they want for their space..


Quartz countertops are fabricated by combining ground natural quartz with polymer resins.  The resulting material is virtually indestructible and has the look of polished natural stone.  Because it is manufactured, quartz can be customized to specification and duplicated across the home for a uniform look.


Both materials are incredibly durable, making them ideal for standing up to the heavy use countertops are likely to see. Cleaning can be accomplished with soap and water or a mild surface cleaner. However, natural granite is porous, so staining is possible and yearly resealing is recommended. Granite is also susceptible to cracking or chipping, while quartz can be damaged by excessive heat.


Many homeowners consider the environmental impact of the materials they choose.  This can be a significant consideration when it comes to countertops, as the mining and transporting of granite requires a great deal of energy. If you want to lessen your environmental impact, choose granite from a regional source or consider quartz. Because quartz is custom manufactured, it requires less energy to produce than granite, and local fabrication doesn’t limit your options.


For homeowners seeking a one-of-a-kind look, granite is highly desirable. For many though, quartz gets the edge for customizability, low maintenance and durability.  However, quartz does tend to be the pricier option, and that is worth weighing as well.  The price of both materials varies significantly though, so your most expensive granite will be more costly than some more affordable quartz options.


Want to compare granite and quartz in person? Or maybe you already know which one is right for you and it’s time to talk specifics? Visit our showroom where we can walk you through the pros and cons of each and show you samples of the many options available.  Once you determine the countertops that are right for you, we can handle the installation – quartz and granite are heavy materials and require specialized tools for proper installation.  Let the professionals at Floor Zone do the job and leave you with a beautiful look for years to come.