Have you fallen in love with the high-end look of hardwood or ceramic tile floors?  Maybe you’ve looked into them and felt concerned about the cost, upkeep, or installation process?  There are many reasons why you may want to consider substituting Luxury Vinyl Tile for the “real thing”– believe it or not it can be almost impossible to tell the difference when it comes to look.  You may find that its benefits favor your needs and space.

You might be thrilled to learn that…

LVT can mimic the look of a variety of natural surfaces including hardwoods, porcelain or ceramic tile and stone. You’d likely find yourself on your hands and knees before you could spot the difference.

LVT is significantly less expensive than natural materials.  It gives you the look you love at a fraction of the cost.

Care of LVT is simple because the durable vinyl allows for deep cleaning with little need to consider the “right product”.  If you come up against something you can’t clean away, replacing a discolored or damaged area is as simple as swapping out the affected tiles.  

LVT is resistant to scratching and staining which is especially ideal for those with children or pets.

LVT can be installed in virtually any space.  It is much less sensitive to moisture than hardwood.

LVT will favor your comfort by retaining heat and cushioning your step (or your long stand), as well as muting the sound of footfalls upstairs or down the hall.

LVT has a 20-year life span and requires minimal maintenance throughout its life – no sanding, re-staining or re-sealing.

Installing LVT in a home is much faster and simpler than hard wood or natural tile.  Because install and uninstall is simple, LVT accommodates your inclination to change things up. Where natural tile or hardwood can feel like a lifetime commitment, LVT will have you feeling free to make changes when a new style catches your eye.

Now that you are feeling excited about the possibilities of LVT for your home contact FloorZone to talk specifics.  Share your vision with us and we will work with you to find the right products and create the look you want in your space.