The Holidays are here, and that often means houseguests!  Whether you are hosting extras in your home for the season or hosting a house party for an afternoon, the increase in foot traffic can be hard on your floors.  Plan ahead and take steps to safeguard against damage!


  1. Be sure doormats are placed at each entry to your home.  Make sure the pile is not so crushed from long term use as to be ineffective!  If you are putting mats inside on a wood floor, avoid rubber backing which could trap moisture and allow it to go unnoticed until the damage is done!
  2. Use area rugs and runners in high traffic areas.
  3. Consider asking guests to remove their shoes – you can provide a boot tray where they can leave them and have washable slippers on hand for their comfort.
  4. Ensure that all chair legs have felt on the bottom – extra guests often means shuffling furniture which can quickly lead to scratches.
  5. Make sure you have open surfaces where guests can easily set down plates or drinks, decreasing the likelihood of spills.
  6. Be prepared for spills, they will happen – have towels readily available so you can mop things up quickly.
  7. After events – sweep and dust mop your floors and vacuum rugs so that dirt and debris are removed before they get ground into carpet or cause abrasions in your floors.


Taking steps to prepare in advance and care for after will extend the beautiful life of your floors, so you can enjoy them and feel proud to host guests in your home again in the future.  If damage does occur, contact professionals quickly so they can help your floors recover.