We love our pets – they bring us joy, comfort and companionship – but they can be hard on our home and especially on our flooring!  They can track in dirt, scratch surfaces, pull textile threads with their claws, and even leave “accident” stains behind!  If you are a pet owner, it is worth keeping your four-legged family members in mind when selecting flooring – especially carpet. Carpet can be particularly vulnerable to pets, but the right choices can make it a functional option for pet owners.

  1. Consider Construction – To avoid snags and pulls which can damage your carpet or injure your pet it is best to choose a non-loop carpet such as a frieze.
  1. Consider Material – A nylon frieze offers high durability and is soil resistant – it keeps tracked dirt on top of the fibers for easy vacuuming.  Wool carpets offer natural stain and water resistance.
  1. Consider Installation – A moisture protection pad between carpet and base carpet pad can make “accidents” easier to remediate.  Installing carpet squares rather than wall-to-wall can allow for a simple swap out if an area becomes damaged.
  1. Consider Care – expect to vacuum your carpet often to keep pet dander and dirt from getting ground into carpet fibers.  Clean any wet “accidents” quickly with thorough blotting and treat with a stain remover/cleaner immediately.

You may want to consider a new synthetic carpet that has recently joined the market.  Triexta carpet has a soft texture and high durability as well as stain resistance that is in the fiber – giving results similar to wool. 

We all want our home to have the warm and cozy spaces that carpet can help create and we want to snuggle into them with our furry family members.  Carpet doesn’t have to be avoided in order to have a “pet-friendly” home, but it does warrant some extra consideration.  When you contact the professionals at Floor Zone about flooring options, be sure to let them know that pets will be sharing the space.  They can point you toward ideal options that will give you the soft look, comfort, and durability you want in your home.