If you are choosing carpet for your home, you are in good company – carpet is the most popular flooring choice in America.  This choice is the first of many, however, as carpet comes in more styles, textures, patterns and colors than any other flooring type.  In order to narrow the field of options and find the carpet that is right for your space there are some important factors to consider.

  • How will your space be used?  A more durable carpet (often with loop pile such as in berber) should be selected for high traffic areas as it will resist crushing over time, whereas a softer (often cut pile such as in frieze) carpet can make crawling on the floor more comfortable in a play space.


  • Who (and what) will use the space?  Some carpet construction and materials are better suited to children and pets because of resistance to stains and/or snagging, as well as the ability to allow pet hairs to blend in and go unnoticed.


  • What is the room environment?  Some carpets are resistant to mold or mildew that may crop up in damp spaces, others are fade resistant and therefore a good choice for a particularly sunny spot.


  • What is the feel you are trying to create in your space?  Carpet is often chosen for more casual spaces, but the right carpet can contribute to the elegant feel of a formal home office.


  • How often are you likely to change your design choices?  A more neutral carpet is versatile – accommodating a variety of interior design selections over time.  Neutral can also be good if resale is a consideration.  If you are confident in a long term commitment to your design and bold pattern (in color or texture) can be a desirable focal point in your space.


  • Are you working with a small space?  A light color can give the illusion that a space is larger.  Dark colors or bold patterns/textures can overwhelm a small space making it feel cramped.


To discuss the particulars of your needs and what will work best contact us at Floor Zone.  When it comes to great looking, long lasting carpet we can assess the right fiber material and density as well as padding for your space.  Professionally installed carpet will look better now and over time – we want to ensure you get the carpet that will serve you well in your space for years to come.